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People’s word this fall is the third upcoming Pfizer

In our western neighbor, Pfizer’s 1.2 million vaccines are giving a new boost to a vaccination campaign.

Early on Saturday afternoon, a huge group of wagons crashed along the Rennweg in downtown Vienna, with red, white and red vehicle signs announcing that mobile protesters were tired of the lockdowns, masks and vaccinations caused by the Coronavirus. The long line was closed by a police car, to protect freedom of expression with a flashing blue light. Despite loud and intermittent weekend protests, the number of people seeking vaccination is also on the rise in Austria, and thanks to recent European Union shipments (1.2 million Pfizer ampoules into the country), the vaccination program has gained new momentum. By May 19, the chancellor indicated that 3 million residents would receive at least one vaccine. The new Health Minister, Wolfgang Mokstein, who took over the ministry last week and is a practicing doctor, has indicated, unlike his predecessor, that the country has passed the peak of the third wave of the virus. The infection, albeit at a slow pace, is declining and is already present in hospital intensive care units. he is Edited Some sick beds. On the basis of encouraging signs, Chancellor Sebastian Curtis, in consultation with the provincial leaders and the system of social partners, announced that Austria would open on May 19, almost returning to its ancient freedom before Pentecost. Restaurants are opening, not only balconies, but also interiors, hotels are opening their doors, and you can go to cinema, theater, concerts, and even swimming pools and gyms. Two days earlier, on May 17, teaching will begin “live” in schools – students will have to wear a mask except for their lessons. However, “unloading” is not unconditional, as wearing a mask remains mandatory in hotels and restaurants, where up to four guests can sit at indoor tables, and a valid test is required in theaters throughout the show. In trade, it will open again until eight in the evening, but the rule of 20 square meters per customer will remain in effect. Up to 50 people can participate in stand-up events, meals still banned, with opening time 22:00. In the case of weddings, the authority does not know the pardon, “invasive” is only allowed from the month of July. In addition to speeding up the vaccination rate and increasing the number of tests, the government expects the magic to open on May 19. (According to Mückstein, it might not be the case until early June) So-called “green” cards are created for hospitals, testers, and vaccinators. Those who have been vaccinated for at least 22 days do not need a year-long antigen test to go to the theater or restaurant. For those who have recovered from the infection, the “leave” is valid for six months, and for the testers, the exemption is for 24, 48 and 72 hours, depending on the test. It is not clear if the Austrian border will open at the end of May. According to some reports, vaccinated arrivals will not have to be quarantined. Austria will slowly become Vorarlberg – philosophizing the daily Wiener Zeitung, and states that the westernmost province has already lifted its lockdown since mid-March, after the seven-day index fell below 100 for 100,000 people. But it is also true that since the opening, the index has again increased to 200, so the authorities once again suggested restrictions. The mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig, who has so far tightened restrictions, is reportedly still hesitant to join the national opening. According to him, the garden rooms should only be opened on May 19, and the fitness rooms should remain closed. Almost no newspapers in Austria did not publish a comprehensive interview with the new Minister of Health. According to Mückstein, the testing frequency should not be reduced, and this monitoring will also play an important role in trying to keep schools open from fall. But as he said, the vaccination campaign must continue, otherwise by June there will be more vaccine than the person to be vaccinated. Mückstein believes that young people will sooner or later react to the Coronavirus like seasonal flu, but it is expected that the elderly will be vaccinated every year. The practitioner considers it his duty to redirect people to health checks, to provide regular diabetes care and wound treatments, for example.

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