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People’s words are quarantined with criticism! “The Indian government will cover the disaster.”

International Press Review, 27 April 2021

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Hungary continues to lead the world ranking in terms of the number of crown deaths per population, but it still expects the Chinese vaccine. This number of victims is due to the fact that restrictions were imposed too late, life expectancy is very high, and many of them are overweight, but the healthcare system is not very bright. These factors characterize all of Central Europe. More than 26,000 people have already lost their lives as a result of the pandemic, which means 2,719 deaths per million people. The French have the same number: 1562. Meanwhile, the number of deaths is still more than 200 deaths a day, yet nationalist Victor Orban has ordered the austerity to be relaxed. Open-air restaurants may have been opened. The prime minister, of course, refers more to the results of the vaccination campaign, as 40 percent of adult Hungarians pass by at least the first stab. This is largely due to Sinopharm, although its effectiveness is questioned, from China to Serbia. A study in Belgrade found that, for the Chinese drug, the antibody appeared in the body two to three weeks after the other drugs appeared. However, the Hungarian government and press are not heeding the suspicions. Professor Ernie Duda from Szeged says no studies have been published, the entire vaccination campaign is dictated by politics, the science is no longer important. If someone expresses their concerns, they are immediately considered anti-authority. Given the terrible press dominance of the government side, says Gábor Győri of Policy Solutions, most people don’t even know how serious the situation is. Independent media representatives are not permitted to enter hospitals either. Meanwhile, Ernie Duda admits that Orban is doing well so far, while the country is already preparing for elections, although that won’t be easy for Fidesz. The world adds that the prime minister has taken a big risk with the Russian and Chinese vaccines because they lack proper test results behind them. But you are lucky that there are no negative effects. The strength assures everyone that such has not been tried.


Scientists warn anyone not to panic quickly when seeing a pandemic in India, because conditions must first be analyzed calmly. It is true that 350,000 people contracted the disease yesterday, a world record, and the death toll was 2,800, but how severe the new form is not yet known. Other factors may play a role in dangerous situations. The reason for this is that this strain actually appeared in October and has even been spotted in 20 other countries, especially among passengers from India. It was only the Indian authorities that did not study the change in the structure of the pathogen very deeply, without which it is not possible to know how it developed. According to an expert at the University of Cambridge, the signs indicate that several epidemics are occurring in the South Asian country at the same time. However, it is remarkable that it has not been stored in Britain yet, although it has been present since February, so it is unlikely to spread at the rate of the British pathogen. Another virologist says there is no such thing as a double mutation, so it shouldn’t be mentioned all the time. In any case, its practical results, as well as the extent to which the preparations have provided protection against it, are not yet known. But with only 10% of the population in India being vaccinated so far, the virus has not been excessively forced to alter its internal structure due to the spread of immunity. The fact that few beds were in hospitals and that politics allowed large mass events, including a million religious holidays, may play a role in its spread.

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Viktor Orban accuses the opposition of wanting to extend the rule of right to intellectual life through university reform. Attila Chikan, the economy minister in the first government of Fides, says bluntly that what is happening now is part of the ideological struggle that the Prime Minister declared two years ago. After all, power does not hide the fact that it wants stability over science and culture also after politics and economics. So he took control of the academic institutions and persecuted CEU. Today, parliament approves a proposal for institutions to take over the presidency of universities and many cultural institutions. According to the opposition, the goal is for the right’s ideology to prevail there as well. The government appoints members of the boards of trustees who can have a say in everything after Orban seeks to reshape the entire national culture. According to the parties opposing power, through the conservatives, Fides can still take control of universities after the elections and undermine their independence. The Prime Minister, in the name of conservative Christian values, is rejecting immigration, restricting gay adoption rights, and legal recognition of transgender people. The report states that Government Commissioner Istvan Stumpf did not want to comment on the changes to Reuters.

Southgerman Newspaper

A Bavarian court acquitted a monk in the first instance, and the prosecutor’s office proposed a fine against him after a Benedictine friend granted sanctuary in the church to an expelled refugee, a 25-year-old Arab from the Gaza Strip. According to the ruling, the defense argument is that you. The accused was guided by his beliefs in his belief or conscience because he could not witness the human rights violation of anyone. And because it is true that he came to Germany illegally, which is why they wanted to return him to Romania, where he entered the territory of the Union for the first time. But there, as in Hungary, there is no guarantee that your rights will be respected. According to the judge, it would be nice if there was finally a guideline from the judiciary, because there have been several cases where representatives of churches encountered the authorities and received immigrants. But this is the first time the case has reached court. The monk himself testified that he followed only Christian values ​​such as human dignity and human rights. He even takes prison for them. He also narrated that he grew up in a large family and lived there Christian virtues such as the need to help the needy. The lawyer relied on the freedom of religion, conscience and religion stipulated in the constitution, and it is higher than the state’s right to pursue sins. He also cited the German BTK, which states that a person cannot be held responsible in relation to their profession, for example as a pastor, who provides human support for a life worthy of being human.

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The famous Polish political scientist Slomir Sirakovsky wrote, although the Russian president ventured far and wide when assessing the situation in the country, he was still fortunate that his words were not to be taken seriously. Putin has clearly encouraged himself, but few believe that the European Union threatens Russia when it does not prosper even with Hungary. The same is true of the United States. Although the president has decided to impose new sanctions, they are not even equal to those that Trump has ordered. However, even Russians take the head of state’s revolts very seriously. This does not mean that they will be replaced soon, but the position of the politician will only deteriorate with the occupation of the Kremlin. After all, they are consuming colossal sums to finance mercenaries, build infrastructure and support local residents, who cannot find regular work. In addition, Russia has lost the sympathy of the Ukrainians. By the way, cultural segregation also occurs in Belarus. At the same time, no politician in Kiev has done much for Ukrainian national unity like Putin. And it seems to boost the popularity of the Silinsky party, too. After that, you can only dream that the European Union will buy a large amount of Fifth Sputnik. The fate of North Stream 2 rests on poetry. If construction is not completed by the German elections scheduled for the end of September, there may be none. However, it would have been different if the president chose to modernize, not kill. In this way, the country is strongly reminiscent of the last days of the Soviet Union, when Andropov from KGS took the lead. So, after that, Putin’s rhetoric was resounding, but signaled that the politician’s influence was waning, both at home and abroad.

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The German Wave

He shocked the Czech Republic, but he is deeply involved in that it turns out that the KGB orchestrated the assassination of two weapons depots for seven years because they wanted to prevent the weapons from reaching Ukraine. Both the government and the opposition mention state terrorism, and show the 68 memories of the occupation. To add insult to injury, President Zeman, a friend of Moscow, stated that the evidence was unclear. The Russian press cheers, the leaders of the Czech opposition and many news commentators are shocked. In this way, the country plunges deeper into the external and internal crisis. Milan Nick, an analyst at the German Foreign Policy Association, says the head of state sent a gift to the Kremlin, but poured oil on the fire at home, even though society is already torn in two. Meanwhile, the government responded, and Babis has already tried to downplay or cover up the scandal. It is not yet known if Romosatom will actually be excluded from those bidding for the construction of the new unit for the Dukovány Nuclear Power Plant. On the other hand, Zeman squeezed a cocktail on those allies, Slovakia and the Baltic republics, who also expelled Russian diplomats in solidarity. However, according to Nick, a similar step is not expected from other EU countries, for which the president’s statement is a pretext. However, according to the expert, it would be good for Germany to side with the Czechs so that there would be no precedent in this matter. Russia is trying to see how far it can go against the smaller members of the European Union and NATO. On the other hand, Europe is watching what Berlin is doing now.


In a statement, the other three Visegrad states sided with the Czech Republic in a dispute with Russia. The three prime ministers view Moscow’s involvement in the assassination seven years ago as aggressive. At the same time, the actions of the Russian intelligence services are described as illegal and violent. The Kremlin strongly denies the allegations.