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Personal data is free between EU and UK companies

At the last minute, the union decided that the UK would regulate the processing of personal data strictly enough so that the data could be shared freely.

An important issue for the European digital economy was agreed yesterday by EU member states: British rules on the protection of personal data are strict enough to allow the free flow of such data between the UK and the EU.

The agreement came at the last minute. At the end of the month, the transition period that ensured the free flow of data between the EU and the UK will end for another 4+2 months after the Brexit transition that ended at the end of last year as if the latter was still a union member. (The basic agreement was for 4 months, and can be automatically extended for 2 months.)

a sample Write a Reuters report تقريرThe decision empowers the European Commission to make compliance decisions that ensure a smooth transition in the data flow. These European Commission decisions regulate, among other things, the transfer and processing of personal data (victims, witnesses and suspects) covered by the GDPR and in connection with various criminal offences.

The member states’ decision was summarized to Reuters by a legal expert so companies can breathe a sigh of relief. The agreement in this model is unique, with no expiration date, but the EU is constantly reviewing British changes, such as the planned liberalization of the data transmission system. The union has already considered data management in other countries as adequate, including the adoption of data management regulations in Argentina, Israel, Japan, Canada, Switzerland and New Zealand.

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They were not in a hurry

As we wrote earlier, the Brexit saga did not reach the stage until February of this year to address the issue of data sharing, which is vital to smooth cooperation between the EU and its former member states. It was not clear how to do this even during the transitional period after the exit and until the end of last year.

Under an earlier agreement, everything remained the same for the first half of 2021, which means that data exchanges went as if the UK was a member of the European Union. However, the openness of the issue has caused a great deal of uncertainty among stakeholders on both sides. Even at the end of February, they did not know what changes, even very large ones, would be required to exchange data by the middle of the year.

Nor can it be reassuring to them that the EU has not wrapped up whether there will be a deal on time. However, the UK government previously announced that the UK’s data protection framework is in line with UK regulations. Therefore, in parallel with the negotiations, work began on the general terms and conditions that would have entered into force in the absence of a timely compliance decision.