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Peter Homan broke the stage

In the past, he actually regretted not teaching acting Peter HomanWho feels he had something to pass on to young artists. The two-time Kossuth award-winning actor and Jászai Mari award winner, who is named Actor of the Nation – who recently celebrated his 80th birthday – believes he is managing the dominance today. He has betrayed that he is often bothered by seeing shows because he feels he can’t get the messages across while they’re on it, and thus doesn’t necessarily blame the actors.

Peter Hamann does not want to write a book about his life – MTI Photo: Zoltán Balogh

Young people today often do not dare to speak out if they have a different opinion about the game because they are afraid of their future. The domination of the director came to powerHe said For InfoRadio In a given interview.

Peter Haman would never return to the stage again, even if a dear director summoned him (”I’m sorry, but I don’t have toHowever, it is open for photography. And on his birthday, he asked for only one thing: health. “Deadlines Now as much as I want to stay healthy in a good phase with my health, my environment, and my loved onesThe actor announced.

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