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Peter Sir became a Romanian citizen

Peter Sidi, a multiple world and European champion, has applied for Romanian citizenship as a Hungarian shooter and arrow, and his application is also on the agenda of the Romanian government meeting on Wednesday. However, this is only a formality, as according to, he basically obtained Roman citizenship by continuing to live in Kumarom.

The athlete’s wife, Sir Roxana, is still a member of the Romanian sports shooting team.

Peter Sidi’s decision was not entirely unexpected, as the Hungarian Sports Shooters Association (MTSZ) suspended its license Due to the doping case of the sports bowler István Péni. A pen tested positive for doping at the World Cup last year in India, then the athlete told MTSZ that someone had been in his hotel room at the World Cup so his doping test was positive due to sabotage. Péni did not name the culprit, but MTSZ clarified during the investigation that it was Sir, with whom Péni had been competing in the movie for months.

However, Sidit was not affected by the ban, since it only applies to races in which the MTSZ permit is required to start. Siri has been licensed in several countries, including Romania, and has been competing with them ever since. He was also present at the European Championship in Osijek as a federal coach for the Romanian national team, and was able to photograph in the colors of his Romanian club, with the permission of Romania. (24 h)