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Peter Ungar: According to Viktor Orban, there is a lot of anger in Poland

In this part of Europe, it is not worth casting some countries on Russia as a game.

According to Viktor Orban, he has a disagreement with Poland in the current situation, because the goal of the latter is to expand NATO to the Russian borders, while we want to achieve this. “There must be a sufficiently deep and wide space between the Russians and Hungary,” Which happens to be called Ukraine.

In this sentence, Viktor Orban is feeling very angry in Poland, jeopardizing the excellent bilateral relations between the two countries across governments and political parties.

It may not surprise anyone that the Hungarian prime minister presents a stance that can easily be reconciled with Vladimir Putin’s plans, but it is still strong that while they are being shot, Viktor Orban’s claim is that Ukrainians have their own stand and self-determination. …so that it does not arise as an aspect.

However, Ukraine is a sovereign country that has the right and opportunity to decide on its foreign policy and federal system. It was not Poland that wanted to force them to join the federal system, but they wanted to move in this direction themselves. Like us, the Hungarians had the opportunity to decide freely after the regime change, and now it is these decisions that guarantee our freedom and security.

In this part of Europe it is not worth throwing some countries at Russia as a game, because if we did, we would not have much argument if it happened to us, and if there were other countries, there would be enough between them and the Russians. A sufficiently wide and deep space, What happens to be called Hungary.”

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Opening photo: MTI / Szigetváry Zsolt