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Petrol is already being transported by troops in the UK

From Monday, 200 members of the British Army will help supply fuel to petrol stations, which will alleviate petrol shortages in the UK. Troops are starting for the first time in London and the southeastern region, where petrol shortages are high. Why the British government was criticized by many They had never stopped the army beforeThere was chaos in the wells due to panic shopping.

Photo: Hassan Eason / Anatolian Agency via AFP

A BBC He writes that a government spokesman said there were already “signs of improvement” at gas station supplies and that the demand was “further confirmed”.

The petrol crisis began ten days ago when BP announced it had run out of fuel at several of its gas stations. Upon hearing the news, the English To panic This actually led to a shortage of petrol. However, the basic problem is that Not enough truck and truck drivers In the country. Brexit, epidemic, but wage levels and the fact that workers are practically elderly have contributed to this. According to a survey conducted by the British Road Carriers Association in August, there are now fewer than a million drivers in the UK than there were 600,000 before the epidemic. The situation was exacerbated when at least 30,000 lorry drivers missed exams due to Brexit and infection.

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