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Magdite lipstick is very pregnancy bearing, will have to go to hospital soon

Her children will be born next spring, but the singer is already feeling nine months pregnant.

Majdi Lipstick A Bliknik In a certain interview, she commented on the challenges of pregnancy: she said that happiness is great, because her three children are developing well, but she also has her own inconveniences. With three of them growing in her stomach, she is already feeling nine months pregnant, so she goes to the hospital before the holiday to be under constant supervision.

“It will not be easy, but now you have to be responsible. It will obviously be difficult to get to the hospital before the holiday, it will be reassuring at least that there will be doctors around”

So far, the singer said, her doctors have found everything to be fine.

Telling them about their day to day life, he said he really feels like his kids are growing up really fast, and he sees that in his body too.

“My belly is growing, my body is already feeling like it’s nine months pregnant. I find it hard to sleep, maybe twenty minutes from time to time because I always feel some kind of pressure somewhere. I really feel what that means when a man has three babies. So different, and they put pressure on my lungs and ribs a little bit, and sometimes it hurts when the kids find their place.”

Magdy also told the newspaper that they already know how the children will be named, but she has not revealed the names yet.

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