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Photoshop ran: Madonna retouched at 20

The 63-year-old singer is doing surprisingly well, so it’s not really clear why her social media photos have been redacted beyond recognition.

Madonna wrote on Sunday that she made fans happy by posting on Instagram daily Mail. According to the magazine, the pop star revealed several photos, including a photo of a smoker and a glass of wine. According to the post’s description, the artist is shooting a movie and showing off the old school camera used in it.

That in and of itself wouldn’t be strange, but the face returning from the photos is faintly reminiscent of Madonna: due to a lot of editing and filtering (and likely plastic interference), the singer looks exactly 16 years old. In this regard, many followers expressed his opposition.

“Who is this 17-year-old and what did she do to Madonna?” – One commentator joked. Others offered more serious criticism: “I’ve loved you so much since you were a kid, but I’m sad now. Where’s Madonna? I’m almost 50, but you…that’s ridiculous.”

The pop star is currently working on a previously announced project, according to the Daily Mail: He announced last September that he was the co-director and co-author of the upcoming movie, which will be about his private life.

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