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Pictures of 51-year-old Dorothea Geisler in a bikini: showed off her slender figure in hot poses – Hungarian star

Dorothea Geisler She remains as beautiful today as she was third in the Miss Hungary 1989 election at the age of 19 and won the audience award.

He played ballet as a kid and has been a Pilates instructor for over 15 years, and although he has good genetics, he also has to do it to maintain his slender figure. He doesn’t believe in harsh diets and self-pity, and says the secret to success lies in a lifestyle change.

Dorottya Geszler in a bikini

According to him, let’s not choose some form of training out of compulsion or fashion, let’s try more of everything and find what makes us happy: Pilates has become the antagonist for him. The 51-year-old star recommends two to three workouts a week, and the diet we can keep for the long term is not hungry, or else the yo-yo effect will wear off. Let’s lose weight slower but permanently.

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– I do not like the phrase diet or diet, I believe in changing the lifestyle. I have such a great deal of hedonism in me that I would find it hard to give up delicacies and certainly would be tempted sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with that, he said in early July, but I’ll consume fewer calories or make sure to train harder the next day. To Blikk Sunday.

For her, it was all right, and her new photos of her bikini and swimwear are proof that anyone can see how skinny and feminine she is. No wonder the social side is full of compliments.

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