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PL: 9.5 million shares listed in Manchester United

Manchester United’s owners have offered to sell 9.5 million shares in the leading English club, the Hungarian Telegraph Office wrote.

MU shares worth £137.12 million (Image: Getty Images)


According to the club’s announcement, the total shares are valued at £137.12 million (HUF 57.49 billion) and are made available through the New York Stock Exchange. They added that the revenue would not go to MU coffers.

shares Kevin Glazer And Edward Glazer It represents about eight percent of the family’s common property. their brother, Avram Glazer She committed to a similar move in March, selling £70m worth of MU shares, an amount that also did not go to Manchester FC.

The stock release is linked to the failure of the Spring Super League project, which provoked united opposition from supporters as well as sports and political organizations.

Members of the American Glazer family — which bought MU in 2005 — then promised to work closely with printers in the future, and make some of their stock available to them.

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