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PL: In the new season, the heroes will be staged in front of a full house

Premier League management expects fully married stadiums next year.


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After Monday’s decision by the British government a City of Manchester She announced that she will receive Everton in front of 10,000 spectators at the Etihad Stadium next Sunday in the final round of the current Premier League announcement. The next step in easing restrictions would be to allow 10,000 spectators at major outdoor events in the UK or 25 per cent to take advantage of the stadium capacity (whichever is less) in the UK from May 17, with the benefit of Manchester Club. From this season, he reported his last league match. So if City wins the championship, the trophy can be handed over to the spectators.

The British government announced in February that it would gradually ease austerity measures introduced in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. The third phase will go into effect next Monday, when spectators can access up to fifty percent of the stadiums, or up to 4,000 people. High-capacity sites undergo special treatment, with a capacity of 25 percent of the total capacity, or tens of thousands of people.

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said everything was going according to plan in this regard Richard Masters, The Premier League chief said they couldn’t wait to be able to play matches in front of the spectators again.

“It would be great to see the fans again, they missed a lot, and the PL wouldn’t be the same without them.” – Masters said about the fact that teams have been playing behind closed gates since June.

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He added that they are working with the government to settle the clashes in front of Kamel’s house when the next season opens.