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PL: Manchester City are ready to replace Aguero

Caldon Al Mubarak, president of England champions Manchester City, said the financial background was available to replace Sergio Aguero, who was leaving the team, as well as more new certifications.

Aguero has already signed for Barcelona, ​​but City have yet to find a replacement (Picture: AFP)

“We are losing a legend in the person of Sergio Aguero, who will be very difficult to replace, but I am sure we will find the right player for the job.” He said on the club’s website al-Mubarak, Who said there are still posts in the team that need to be strengthened.

“One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that you have to constantly build talent and update the framework with them, and this is especially true when the team is at the highest level.” said the chief.

City confidently won the latest announcement in the Premier League, 12 points ahead of rival United, the second city, who also won the League Cup, but were knocked out 1-0 by Chelsea in the Champions League final last Saturday.

“We can’t even sit around with the title, this is the time to say we’re not happy and don’t have enough of the Premier League trophy alone.”
Mubarak said.


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