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Platinum celebrates its second anniversary. Elizabeth

2nd Platinum Anniversary. Elizabeth.

2022-06-02 09:30:00

On Thursday, the four-day series of events to mark the 70th anniversary of the ruler’s accession begins.

The past few days have filled the island nation’s population with confidence, because II. Elizabeth’s recurrent musculoskeletal problems seem to be ameliorated. Hopefully, he will be able to attend the platinum jubilee events several times, at least he will be able to appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, which has seen many festivities. The United Kingdom celebrates its anniversary with a four-day Thursday break. The Queen was crowned at Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953, having inherited the title of monarch more than a year earlier, on February 6, 1952, from her father, who died suddenly at the age of 56. from George.

In a sign of restraint, the Queen, who celebrated her 96th birthday in April, strikingly missed the reading of the Parliamentary bill on May 6, but has since appeared to the public on several occasions, including at the Windsor Horse Show, the Royal Revue And the new railway at the opening of the Elizabeth line. Elizabeth, who was not only Britain’s longest-reigning but also the world’s longest-serving queen, warmed up for festival fare by resting in her favorite Scottish castle, Balmoral, ahead of the four-day series of festivities. For the first time in his reign, he did not personally attend the annual Trooping of Color Equestrian Parade on his official birthday, but the closing minutes of Thursday’s event, military units heading to Buckingham Palace with his 86-year-old cousin. – The old prince you would follow from the balcony. Concentrated by the “active working members” of the monarchy, he would again appear on the balcony shortly after with the “working” family members. Neither Harry and Meghan, a retired American couple from California, who retired from life in court, nor Elizabeth II’s son, Prince Andrew of York, who lost all his military rank and corporate charitable position due to his sexual assault on this class. .

secondly. Elizabeth is sure to be with her extended family for a Thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday, which Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury, the highest religious leader of the Anglican Church, will miss due to her contracting the Covid virus. Saturday’s biggest hit, which the British public can enjoy thanks to a BBC live broadcast, will be a pop concert at Buckingham Palace. Artists include Sir Elton John, Doran Durant, Diana Ross, Alicia Kest, Lord Lloyd Webert and the young British giant Sam Ryder, who later excelled at the Eurovision Song Contest. The biggest anticipation accompanies the performance of Queen guitarist Brian May. The veteran rocker unforgettablely played atop the palace in the 2002 Golden Jubilee and is now preparing to conquer it.

If all goes well, the ruler can once again wave to his subjects from the palace balcony. After a grandiose stroll at 85,000 sites on Sunday, the Mall’s National Walk in Platinum Pageant, the Platinum Parade, is a spectacular full-scale carnival that reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity of the island nation. The Queen might also be curious about the closing chords. Buckingham Palace warned protesters in advance to avoid “over-optimization” in relation to Republican-minded Britons. The Court is aware that an increasing number of the 54 member states of the Commonwealth, which the Queen considers to be of paramount importance, indicate that they intend to become a republic, “to replace” Elizabeth from her position as head of state. After Belize, the Bahamas, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands, Australia’s new prime minister, Anthony Albanese, said it was “inevitable” for the country to break away from the British monarchy.

The situation is very different in the United Kingdom, where 86 per cent of the population is happy with the governor, and even Prince Charles of Wales has the support of two thirds. More than half of those surveyed have great respect for Elizabeth because of her “tradition”. The King tops the royal family’s popularity list, while the “silver medalist” is currently Catherine, Princess of Cambridge, before her husband William. There is little favor left for Harry and Meghan, with 63% of people having a negative opinion.

To mark their platinum jubilee, the Sussex American couple and their two children will spend a few days together in England for the first time, appearing “modestly” at some official events. Elizabeth, as a grandmother, first meets Lilipet, who has her childhood nickname and celebrates her first birthday on Saturday. The court has already warned the controversial party not to push themselves ahead and refrain from making recordings that could be used by their client, Netflix.

The Ceremonial Series is also a serious business venture. The island nation will spend 408 million pounds (184 billion forints) over the four-day holiday, of which 281.5 million pounds (127 billion forints) is for souvenirs.

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