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Played the launch trailer for Darkest Dungeon II


An early version of the game will arrive on the Epic Games Store within days.

10/23/2020 13:46 | Greg | Category: game

It was a huge success Red Hawk Games 2016 side view dungeon crawler game, darkest dungeon. In addition to challenging players for a challenging challenge, Lovecraft’s evocative atmosphere and unique visuals have attracted millions. The studio announced in early 2019 that a sequel was being prepared, which would only take a few days from its premiere.

a Darkest Dungeon II It completely changes in many elements compared to its predecessor. While in the first part we were able to discover the dungeons of a cursed castle and establish our headquarters in a small village nearby between two missions, we are now embarking on a long journey in a horse-drawn carriage. Unlike the dungeon crawler elements, this time the roguelike streak will be more noticeable.

The combat system is based on the old foundations, but the developers are promising a lot of improvements and changes here as well. For now, we also need to pay close attention to the mental state of our team. After all, if they are subjected to a lot of stress and weakness, they tend to collapse in the middle of a battle, at the worst possible moment, thus entangling our previously well-organized strategy. However, if the mood was good enough, the fighters wouldn’t go into each other’s brains, and some of them might even develop friendships.

Darkest Dungeon II will be released early for the first round on October 26. only then On the Epic Games Store It will be available, but it will likely hit Steam later. Before the premiere, you can watch the usual launch announcement. ■

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Darkest Dungeon II

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