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PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games will remain in the PS Store


Sony has changed its mind and only PSP software sales will stop in the summer.

4/19/2020 23:08 | Dino | Category: Game

Three weeks ago, news emerged that Sony was closing its PlayStation 3 / PS Vita / PSP division in the PS Store this summer. And while the games we actually bought wouldn’t have been lost because of this, there was also sinister information that if the PS3’s battery was depleted, we could still say goodbye to our group.

Of course, there were those who tried to look at it positively, so this morning a press release arrived that the two games in Top Hat Studios will be the last two shows to appear in the PS Vita. Synergy and Sense: The Cyberpunk Ghost Story will be released on April 27 and will only be available for 4 months according to the morning news – albeit for technical reasons only at the PS Store in North America and Asia. (But thanks to the cross-purchase option, it will also play on PS4 / PS5 anyway.)

On the other hand, Sony changed his mind after receiving a lot of comments, and Jim Ryan, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment himself, announced: PlayStation BlogThat PlayStation Store 3 and PS Vitas will still be standing, only selling PSP games will stop on July 2, 2021.

As Ryan explains when they originally made the decision to shutdown, they took into account a number of things, such as commercial support challenges for legacy devices, and also wanted to focus their resources more on existing consoles. However, seeing how excited they would be if they could buy more for the PS3 and PS Vita, they were looking more for a solution on how to preserve this opportunity for the foreseeable future.

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So in addition to the PS5 and PS4 offerings, there will still be PS3 and PS Vita games in the PS Store, and we just have to say goodbye to the PSP stuff. ■

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