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PlayStation 5 is getting a big update

It will finally be able to transfer the games on the console to the external storage.

Wednesday You will receive The biggest software update to date was the PlayStation 5, which hit the market in November, and only minor bug fixes have been provided to Sony so far. One important development for all gamers is that it will finally be possible to transfer PS5 games to USB storage, so having the right external storage won’t need to be deleted when you need to free up space on your console’s internal storage.

The PlayStation 5 April Update brings a number of new featuresSource: Sony

Unfortunately, PS5 games cannot be transferred to external storage directly, the title you want to play must first be returned to the internal storage of the console. In contrast, games designed for PS4 can also be played directly from USB storage media. Sony has yet to reach the point of activating the M.2 socket, which was invented to expand internal storage space for a new generation console, so managing space usage can be difficult for a while.

Another big new addition to the April update is that Share Play will become a shared platform between PS4 and PS5, allowing those with two consoles to follow each other’s gameplay, hand over control of their game to the other, and play in the default, formulated multiplayer mode.

In addition, there were a number of small and large files in the new system software, such as the ability to stop chatting in games, customize the size of other players, or just pre-load game updates that will soon be sharpened.

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