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PlayStation can start on the go

It will bring tablets and phones to the popular series from Sony.

The EuroGamer Sony plans to realign its video player strategy with the release of some of its exclusive PlayStation products for computers, bringing its popular series of games to Android and iOS.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s EndSource: Naughty Dog

This initiative has been featured in a job posting, as Sony is currently looking for a leader to lead the PlayStation Studios mobile business. Not entering the job posting text, the company will be responsible for the section “To successfully adapt the most popular PlayStation intellectual property to mobile phones.” According to description, phones and tablets.

There is nothing surprising about Sony’s current initiative, as you can make huge money by adapting a business model that performs well and is free of charge. In fact, oddly enough, he hasn’t had the time to make mobile games based on his intellectual property yet, 2015 is Run, Sackboy! Running around! And it hasn’t been particularly active since 2016 in Uncharted: Fortune Hunter, making common mobile apps only for console games.

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