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Pokémon Unite has also been launched for mobile

After the Nintendo Switch, now it’s Android and iOS turn with full interoperability.

Regarding the Pokémon franchise, we recently reported that Game Boy games will be added to the Switch Online subscription package, and supported titles include these (old) games. The development team made the release in the title available on the Switch console this year, and smartphones are now following in the line.

the official Attention We can read about the fact that the game has already become available in an unchanged form android And that iOS Hardware, which of course requires another update. An important advantage is that full interoperability has been preserved, so there will be no problems connecting players using different platforms, moreover, proper management of user accounts will be resolved, so it will also not cause problems for existing and new members. In practice, we can expect the usual MOBA (online multiplayer battle arena) experience, which allows for a free start, although some new details are emerging in the news.

As of this summer, Nintendo Switch support is still available it was his turnIn the meantime, a second battle card is now appearing on mobile platforms, with its new and customizable items, support for additional languages, and new in-game events. According to the developers, using the Unite Squads feature, trainers can easily find the clan that looks right to them or create their own company, and their detailed description (tagging) makes the choice easier.

In the meantime, team members are also working on an additional game mode that will allow coaches who don’t want to spend money on individual in-game items to find their accounts – however, the details of which are yet to be explained.

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