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Pokorny Lia is back on stage with LIAison

Pocorne Lia decided to continue With Bernatek Babecic, who died in tragic circumstances Theatrical piece by LIAison. In addition to the actress, another musician will play in the future, but the memory of the accordion actor will continue to live on the show, he writes Blake.

Lea Pokorny told the newspaper that Bernat Babecic’s loved ones and close friends also confirmed that he needed to take charge of the connection. He also wants to preserve Bernat’s memory in the play, which will include the musician’s solo performance, which has a touching storyline.

Bernat wrote this song for the production, and after learning that my first name was AurĂ©lia, which he joked about so many times, gave her that title. We decided with Eva Botos, the LIAison playmaker, to write a script for this. The evening, though heartbreaking, still told a story Human relationships or even their release with ease and humor. Bernat authentically embodied all the men I sing about in one person on stage.” Happy Pokorny Leah.

Actress – from He also moved in with Bernat Babicek because of the performance He also said that according to many, there can be no friendship between a man and a woman, but only one friendship. It took a short time, but they quickly trusted each other.

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