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Poland expelled three Russian diplomats

The Foreign Ministry in Warsaw said Thursday evening that Poland had described three employees of the Russian embassy in Warsaw as persona, in reference to the country’s strategic ally. Similar work by the United States. On Thursday, the Russian ambassador was asked to come to the Foreign Ministry and hand over a diplomatic note on the deportation.

The Polish side justified this step on the grounds that the persons concerned had violated the conditions of the diplomatic status and had engaged in harmful activities in Poland. According to the statement, Poland is in full solidarity with the decisions made by the United States that day in its relations with Russia. “The federal decisions that have been jointly agreed are the best response to the hostilities of the Russian Federation. “ – Read in Polish Foreign Affairs Communications.

US President Joe Biden signed a decree on Thursday demanding his government impose financial sanctions on Russia and expel ten Russian diplomats from the country in response to cyberattacks from Moscow and Russian interference in the US presidential election.

In this case, Polish Foreign Affairs also issued another statement on Thursday, according to which Warsaw received with great concern the information provided by the US government regarding Russian cyber attacks using SolarWinds last year, because the consequences of the attacks extend beyond the United States. European countries. The continuous growth of harmful measures in cyberspace not only threatens the security and stability of enterprises that use digital technologies, but it also has a negative impact on society, economy, and governance in many countries. (MTI)

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