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Police confiscated 20 million euros from DHL for tax fraud

Italian police have ordered the confiscation of €20 million from DHL Supply Chain Italy because the investigation found that the company, through “pseudo” brokerages and cooperatives, operates labor “centers” that avoid paying contributions.

The news was widely reported in Italy, and Sky News Italy He was one of the first to report the case. As part of the investigation, investigations were conducted in the provinces of Milan, Monza Brianza, Lodi and Pavia.

According to reports, the Italian financial police about DHL Supply Chain Italy conducts ’emergency forfeiture’ of €20 million مليون-at. The order was signed by prosecutors Paolo Storari and Giovanna Cavalieri on the grounds of alleged tax fraud.

The investigation revealed that through “pseudo” intermediaries and cooperatives, “work centers” were created, through which logistics workers were employed by intermediary companies and paid little contributions to them.

More specifically, according to reports, the “action centers” consisted of a different consortium Temporary Employment Agencies Which officially recruited logistics workers. Issued by the alleged companies for DHL With false invoices, DHL has been able to reduce its costs. However, other companies Unpaid VAT ضريبةNo drivers who deliver on behalf of DHL Social Security Contributions.

The above invoices are said to be part of the VAT returns submitted by DHL Supply Chain Italy in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Sky News Italia reported this. “Fake elements” of statements 20.7 million eurost are exposed.

Moreover, using HIC DHL was “protected” from any infringement. According to reports, the same consortium used 23 cooperatives, which rotated over time and moved labor from place to place, thus systematically eliminating VAT payments and, in many cases, social security contributions.

If that wasn’t enough, the employees reportedly had no choice in the matter and had to accept having their contract replaced by another company to avoid dismissal.

An emergency shift ordered by the public prosecutor must first go through an investigative judge to enforce it.