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Police did not authorize shooting of wild boars at St. John’s Hospital

wild boar, shooting, St. John’s Hospital;

2022-06-02 11:08:00

A twelfth. indicated by the county government, they were not notified in advance.

Despite the news in the press, citing an anonymous source, the Activity Management Center of the Budapest Police Headquarters did not issue a permit or instruction to shoot wild boars, and such a request was not received – Thursday said the police.

As our newspaper reported earlier, children were shot dead in the 12th century in Budapest. He saw a family of wild boars on Monday at St. John’s County Hospital. According to one publication, tram passengers traveling there around 9 a.m. Wednesday watched the prairie being shot in the small woods adjacent to the hospital.

Police indicated that it was not their responsibility to decide whether wild animals that strayed into a populated area should be shot. It was pointed out that the circumstances in which the shootings had raised suspicions of a criminal offence. District police ordered an investigation into suspected negligent intimidation during the occupation.

A twelfth. county government In its announcement on Thursday He wrote that the office had not been notified in advance of the launch. In their view, the use of weapons also endangers the lives and physical safety of people in and around the area, including children, as well as the safety of property. That’s why they also complained about what happened.

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