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Political director Viktor Urban has been promoting his new favorite climate skeptic book with a lie that has been around for years

Politician Fides shared with his followers a hoax intended to reveal it on Twitter. Apparently, not only did he not get information from the people involved, but he also didn’t want to use Google.

By all indications, the Hungarian government is gradually making climate skepticism officially on its agenda: Viktor Orban simply does not include climate change among the problems that must be solved before us, but the Prime Minister’s Political Director on Monday in Facebook He threw much larger and tried to bring down the manipulation on German public television. The image shows weather forecasts for Germany from June 2017 and June 2022, one showing the country in red and the other in nice green.

According to Urban, this is a huge cause for panic, because the color red makes people feel bad, and although he describes in his letter that climate change is a serious challenge, he believes that these misleading images hinder rational debate.

Photo: Balázs Orbán / Facebook

Of course, Orbán didn’t make the photo himself, but he tracked down a piece that went viral on Twitter, and according to them, he wasn’t even suspicious that people there in general consider all climate change nonsense, because it’s always been hot in the summer, so you shouldn’t be surprised by that.

We asked the ARD about the reality, and they answered our questions in an almost unbelievable way in Hungary: First of all, it is important to point out that it is not the same weather report from the two programs,

And before 2020, the design of weather reports was not used centrally, it was provided by various companies to the editors of some programs. So tageschau and tagstemin did not work with the same thing from the start.

Until the end of 2019, TajSteam’s visible temperature maps showed the temperature in numbers only, and the green background did not indicate the temperature.

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Photo: Balázs Orbán / Facebook

On the other hand, Tageschau maps showed temperatures in numbers and color. You can also tell how hot it is by coloring, even when there is no number. The scale can range from dark red, indicating warm temperatures, to cool blue.

As of January 2020, the design and appearance of maps is standardized in Tagstein and Tageschau, so since then there are red and blue colors everywhere.

By the way, the great Balázs Orbán discovery returns almost every year under changing conditions: there is a somewhat more common case when two completely different parts of the same weather report are combined, for example a long-range forecast with one for the next day, which obviously has A different design.

Photo: Balázs Orbán / Facebook

Orbán’s post is so misleading that it has been noticed by Facebook fact-checkers who have been heavily criticized, so although they didn’t make it inaccessible, they tied reality there as well.

Incidentally, the politician later uploaded an image intended to be evidence of his post, showing the UK, and it began circulating on Twitter in mid-July. Nobody should be asked here, because he did Reuters: The design here has actually been changed to make it visually appealing to color-blind people, and to make it easier for the viewer to follow, mainly because it wants to show how hot it is compared to what they’re used to.

It’s just a icing on the cake that the picture referred to as normal weather on the BBC wasn’t even a simple weather report, possibly an earlier historical heat wave portrayed in this way.

By the way, the politician’s aim of the misrepresentation was not only to strengthen suspicions only a few days after a weekend in Budapest with temperatures above 40 degrees: he also promoted a recently published book of particular interest to him, Michael Schellenberger’s Never End of the World, which at first glance The first, it is mainly about inflaming the hysteria surrounding climate change, but how important the topic is to Orbán is clearly illustrated by the fact that a book on a similar topic was recently published under his “sponsorship”, in this regard, the article Válasz Online I recommend reading it.

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It is important to stress that the books themselves do not specifically deny climate change, unlike the images Orbán also used.

Featured Image: Balázs Orbán / Facebook