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Pope Francis does not need a pre-written script to meet with Victor Urban

He specifically emphasized that he was coming to the International Eucharistic Conference and not a state visit.

He also talked about current international political issues, his upcoming visit to Budapest, and his summer surgery Pope Francis To the Spanish Radio COPE. In an interview that MTI described as long and personal, the Catholic archbishop said he had recovered, and was already living a completely normal life, working at the same rhythm as before.

You can eat everything, not even forbidden to travel: every day begins with reading newspapers, but you still do not watch TV.

It never occurred to me to quit

– referenced in Hospital treatment The news spread, then added, when the archbishop is ill, a “secret breeze or hurricane” rises for the elected pope.

Migration and demography euthanasia

In the interview, the Pope called the faithful again Pray for Afghanistan. Encourage fasting and repentance. He stressed that it is not enough to receive immigrants: they must be “received, protected, embraced and integrated” at the same time. He thought

Countries need to make a very honest assessment of how many people they can absorb and what is the upper limit.

It was believed that at the same time, we should not forget about the “demographic winter” in Europe, which empties the Italian cities of the population. He described Pedopornography as a “global and serious” problem, and urged governments to take necessary action. He rejected the culture of getting rid of people, citing Spanish legislation allowing euthanasia.

It will be an unofficial visit to Budapest

On the question who is With Victor Urban meeting in Budapest, Pope Francis He replied that he would make an unofficial visit on September 12, 52. International Eucharistic Conference He presents his concluding holiness.

I don’t travel with a pre-written scenario: When I find myself in front of someone, I look them in the eye and things turn around on their own. I don’t have to think about who I’m going to say (…) I like certain situations “

Pope Francis reminded him of this Janus Ader With the Head of State at last year’s Mass in Csíksomlyó Already met.

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Remembering his 2013 election, betrayal, not expecting him to be pope, he came to the Vatican with a small briefcase. Now he believes that there are many tasks ahead of him. Pope Francis, who will turn 85 in December, also spoke of his desire to be remembered not as “supernatural” but as “sinners who tried to do good.”