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Pope Josie’s daughter has become a beautiful teen: 16-year-old Hana is afraid of suitors – a Hungarian star

We tend to see scenes in American family movies where the head of the family prepares a baseball bat long before the suitor comes to his daughter.

tape To Pope Jose He still has some time to worry about the first boys appearing in the life of Hanna’s eldest daughter, Hanna, and sometimes she inevitably thinks about how she would have dressed in that period.

Pope Josie fears his daughter from suitors

The singer’s daughter turned 16 on January 10, 2021, which means she was already officially in her teens. Although it’s their custom not to bang the holidays on a big drum, this day was different from the previous days, as it first felt that Hannah was indeed a big girl.

“He has been mature so far, but his thinking and his individuality are becoming more and more mature.” I’m sorry about her future in advance because Hana is so determined and unimpressed that they’re sure to put up a fight. I want to convince myself that I can control it, but I have to admit, that’s not quite the case,” Story Magazine In January 2021.

As an artist, she knows exactly how guys get to know nightclubs these days, so she thinks she’s right to be afraid of Hana, who will become an increasingly beautiful girl over the years.

“I’ve seen a lot of things, been through a lot of things about nightlife, parties and friends, and since I’ve been to clubs not that long ago, I can see what’s going on there, how young people get to know each other in many cases. I know I have cause for concern. , but I have not dared to confront him yet, I have not yet fought this battle, and he is still ahead of me.

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“I’m sure I’ll be a watcher, keep my eyes open, and while I try to give her as much room as possible, I’ll be a real protector for my daughter.” I am confident that you will find the right partner with whom you can plan for the long term.

She is the beautiful wife of Pope Josie

With their blonde hair and alabaster skin, Pope Josie and his wife Anita lift everyone off their feet, while her husband has the opposite, dark hair and brown eyes. In our almighty compilation, we show how integrative they are.