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Republican faction leader Kevin McCarthy has formally summoned five right-wing lawmakers who have been nominated to the January 6 investigation committee and announced that they will find out the background to the events separately.

“Damn that… tt guy, Jim Jordan! When these lunatics were crawling in the building, I was standing in the conference room, and he said, ‘The ladies should be taken out of the room, let me help.’ I put my hand aside and told him not to touch me, this is your pocket .. t work!” The excerpt from a new book is full of exciting stories and describes the phone conversation that Liz Cheney had with General Mark Milley. On January 7, the chairman of the Joint Committee of Chiefs of Staff called the Republican representative to ask him if he was alright and how he had survived the siege of the Capitol the day before.

The story is particularly apt now that Republican faction leader Kevin McCarthy has formally summoned the five right-wing lawmakers nominated to the investigative committee on January 6 and announced that they will find out the background to the events separately.

Earlier, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to include Jordan and another deputy, Jim Banks, among the five Republican committee members. Earlier in December, he attended several deliberations in the White House, where the inner circle of Donald Trump’s followers agreed on what to do on January 6. Even on the day in question, he gave several indications that he was pushing intruders into the legislature building, and in a joint session of both houses of Congress, he purposely pulled his time so that the mob could thwart the conclusion of the presidential election result. Thus Jordan is more likely to be a witness than a member of the inquiry, and Banks said the commission should address the issues that the Black Lives Movement (BLM) wears rather than what happened on January 6.

Democratic leaders in Congress originally wanted a joint parity commission, but this was rejected by Senate Republicans.

In response, Pelosi proposed a 13-member House committee, which, in addition to his seven fellow Democrats, also nominated Cheney, who was already very conservative but critical of Trump. The council will eventually begin work on Tuesday with eight members and will be considered bipartisan because of Cheney’s participation. The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney told a news conference she was persistent because she was confident in the inclusiveness and impartiality of the commission. He supported Pelosi’s decision to reject Jordan and the banks and said that with the idea of ​​a separate Republican committee, McCarthy only wanted to sabotage what was revealed.