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Premier League: We want to save football – Florentino Perez

Florentino Perez, president of the newly formed European League (and Real Madrid), gave an exclusive interview to El Chiringuito TV Monday night. The 74-year-old sporting captain has spoken about nearly everything that has occupied the crowd over the past 24 hours: whether clubs that have joined the series can be excluded from the domestic league and international cup stages, the Premier League background, UEFA, as well as about the planned reform of the Champions League. . Perez said in the Premier League that their goal was to “save football”.

Florentino Perez, president of the European Premier League (Photo: AFP)

The precedents are familiar to those who follow the world of football (in our packed collection you can find our articles on Mondays on the topic), UEFA has threatened the clubs that will join the Premier League to exclude them from the current UEFA Champions League and European League. (And then we did not talk about the steps the member national associations were considering …) In the English Premier League, three (Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City) and in the second European Cup Series, two (Manchester United and Arsenal) were the best clubs. He is a member of the New Elite League.

“They will not be excluded from the Champions League or the National League either. Impossible. I’m 100 percent sure. Don’t worry, Premier League players will not be banned from the national team competitions either.” Perez announced, then explained why they considered it necessary to create the New Elite Series.

“Many well-known Spanish, Italian and British clubs want to find a solution to their financial problems. The only way to do that is to have more matches that interest the spectators. The Premier League will help the clubs regain their lost revenue. We at Real Madrid have also lost a lot of revenue, and all of us. We go through a very difficult period when there is no winning you have to play more matches with real bets during the week. The Premier League will save clubs financially. “

“Like everything else in life, football must evolve. You have to adapt to the times we live in now Perez continued. – Football has lost its popularity, and television royalties are ebbing. The epidemic has appeared, and we will perish in football. That’s why we wanted the Premier League. According to statistics, 40% of young people are not interested in football due to too many low-quality matches. Teens these days are more passionate about video games than football. We have to do something to get them back. “

It was also discussed that with the launch of the Premier League, the gap between the financial opportunities of rich superstar clubs and those working on smaller budgets will be greater. Perez did not deny this, but he also tried to approach the issue on its positive side.

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“In football, the matches between the big teams are attractive. They will increase the TV revenue and generate more revenue.” The Premier League isn’t just for the wealthy. The bigger clubs will get more money, which will allow them to buy more players to help the smaller leagues. It is only good if the money is flowing. If the big clubs lose revenue, the football pyramid will collapse. “ Perez brushed.

Founding Members and Behavior

The Premier League includes six Englishmen – Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Manchester City – Three Italians – Juventus, Milan, International – and three Spanish – Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid Founded by Najm Club, and its first leader, Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid.

The series of 20 teams will always feature 15 entrants, with five more teams joining based on the results of the previous season. Matches will be held on weekdays with clubs participating in the national leagues in the same way. Plans will begin in two groups of ten, with each goalkeeper meeting all of his rivals twice, at home and abroad, with the top three moving directly into the quarter-finals, and the fourth and fifth players fighting each other for the remaining two places. From there, the series will continue on a round-trip basis, and the final match will be played at a neutral venue at the end of May.


The first Real Madrid man disagrees with those who say the Premier League will be a closed league. The series of twenty teams will always feature fifteen participants, with five more teams to join based on the results of the previous season.

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“There will be no closed league, it is not true. Anyone who wins one of the five qualified places can play with the best teams in the world. We’ll negotiate with UEFA, but if we don’t reach an agreement, we won’t back down either. If they want to wait until 2024 to fix the Champions League, then wait. We will not wait for anyone because we need the Premier League. “

Florentino Perez has also been asked how difficult it is to convince Juan Laporta, for example, that FC Barcelona will also join the Premier League. He also said that PSG has not yet been invited to the Elite Series.

“It was not difficult to convince Laporta. This was the case when negotiating with responsible people. Barcelona’s financial situation is also bad, and the club realizes that this is the future. Materially, football and everyone else is being saved by the Premier League. We have not invited.” Paris Saint-Germain yet, and we haven’t negotiated with the German clubs yet. We are twelve years old now, but we want to be fifteen. If Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich do not join, the Premier League will not be canceled. It is stupid to assume. “ Perez said. He added that representatives of founding clubs signed the treaties last Saturday, so from now on no one can leave the Premier League without punishment.

Shortly after his statement, Der Spiegel released a document stating that it was not true that Paris Saint-Germain had not been invited to the series, and that Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund had been given 30 days to decide on the participation. In the Elite League, however, all three clubs refused the invitation and defended UEFA’s plans and organization.

If, in UEFA’s opinion … Perez, the European Alliance should be more transparent. “UEFA thinks we have it and we can do anything with us, but this is a mistake. They haven’t developed a good image throughout history. Why are your employees’ salaries not made public? Why haven’t wages been cut during the pandemic as everyone has done? A more transparent organization will be needed.” We know LeBron James’ salary, but we don’t know how much the president of UEFA gets. “

Perez said winning the Premier League would bring much more money to the winning club’s kitchen than winning the Champions League.

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And when can the new series begin? Perez hopes as soon as possible.

“If we can start the Premier League early August then we’ll start it. We’ll do our best to start this year. We will also negotiate with UEFA, FIFA and other stakeholders, and we want to reach an agreement with them. ” Perez finished.