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Preparation: Gyirmó and ZTE exit the NB II . team

Gyirmót FC Győr, who played in NB I, lost 2-0 at home in a preparatory match to his second division opponent, Dorogi FC. ZTE FC also knocked out NB II by beating them 4-2 in the third round. TVE area. Mezőkövesd won with a confident 4-0 victory against Szentlőrinc SE.

Germot has been kidnapped from Dorog (Photo: Gabor Kisalfold/Hussar)


In the Germot match, the first half ended with a goal without a goal, but – a According to his account – per second Tibor page And Adam Fig He also scored, leaving Jermo 2-0.

A third. TVE . area Aaron Purvito Already took the lead as early as the 12th minute, but to do so David Zimoni He answered immediately (1-1). So Balázs Opavszky And Porveto was also successful, so the Budapest residents got a 3-1 advantage. Szabolx Szalay Facelift in the 72nd minute (2-3), but third. District TVE is good after a quarter of an hour Seely Luca Set the final score to 4. Mol was hired from Fehérvár in the winter Daniel Zuri And Adam Hallmay He got a role in the second half.

Mezőkovesd Tamas Seri, Gurina Marine, Mark Madaras And recently, ZTE FC . certified Babati Benjamin Scored 4-0 with his goal. Among the players contracted in the winter are Nigerians Patrick Eaken King and Albanian Gakka room He also started as a beginner.

Note: Preparatory matches for the team
Gyirmót FC Győr – Dorogi FC (NB II) 0-2 (0–0)
ZTE FC – III. TVE Zone (NB II) 2-4 (1-3)

Mezőkövesd – Szentlőrinc (NB II) 4-0 (4–0)
Budavuk, 50
view. Fifth .: Nemeth T.
Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC: Turda (Piscitelli, Rjabenko) – Ikenne-King (Farkas D.), Pillár (Szépe), Kocsis G., Vadnai (J. Sipos) – Cseke (Karnyicki), Qaka (Madarász), Cseri (Nagy D.) – Babati (Vutov), ​​Jurina (Dražics), Kalkan. Coach: Sopka Attila.
Gulzerzo: Siri, Jurina, Madaras, Babati

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