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Preparation: The match between Fez and Kisvarda scored four goals

NB I’s rookie, Vasas, welcomed Kisvárda, who is also preparing for the July European Conference League qualifiers, to a warm-up match at BVSC Tatai Road – both teams played their first summer training game.

Residents of the red-and-blue capital could not stand Kisvarda playing white (Photo: Emre Fuldi)

Vasas greeted Kisvárda in his first summer prep without Jova Levente, who had a calf, and Silye Erik, who had minor knee injuries, and Novothny Soma also secured a place in the starting team, although the latter two were replaced. By coach Attila Couture half an hour later. Kisvarda, who is preparing for qualifying for Ekl in July, has so far confirmed the presence of a new player, goalkeeper Hindrich Otto, who has just been replaced by Dombó, who has joined the starting squad.

In the first half, only the parties reached the finish line – through Eric Czerna and Andras Radu – and then in the 52nd minute they were substituted during the break. Drayton camag He moved from the right ball to the short corner, ahead of Kisvárda.

The match ended in the last ten minutes: in Fez Giorgi Bubble doubled (found both times by Sebestyén Ihrig-Farkas) and at Kisvárda Rafal McCowski Register – that’s how 2-2The final result.

Prep match
Budapest, Tatay Road Sports Complex. Fifth: Joseph Doxay
VASAS: Dombó – Hidi MS, Otigba, Baráth B., Szilágyi Sz. – Berecz Zs., Márkvárt (Pátkai M., 31.) – Radó, Géresi (Pekár, 31.), Cipf – Novothny (Szalai J., 31.) . the other half: Sir – Szivacski, Litauszki, Sztojka, Szilágyi Z. – Pátkai M. (Vida M., 61.), Hinora – Pekár (Faragó B., 61.), Zimonyi, Ihrig-Farkas – Szalai J. (Bobál G., 61.). Coach: Attila Couture
young: Hindrich – Hej (Judge R., 75.), Fur (Králik, 61.), Rubus (Simovics, 61.), Peteleu (Leoni, during the break) – Karabeljov (Makowski, during the break), Zlicsics (Melnik, during the break) )) – Asani (Navratil, during the break), Otvos (Helis, 75), Cherna (Kamag, during the break) – Misanovic (MK, during the break). Coach: Gabor Eris
Bobál G. (84, 87), resp. Kamag (52), McCowsky (86)

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VASAS FC Preparatory Program
Getting started:
June 20
Prep matches

June 25: Vasas FC – Quesvarda Master God 2-2 (Bubble c. 2)
June 29: Vasas FC – MFK Zemplín Michalovce (Michalovce, Slovakia)
2 July: Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC – Vasas FC
July 6: Vasas FC – Komáromi FC (Slovak II.)
July 9: MTK Budapest (NB II) – Vasas FC
July 9: Vasas FC – DVSC
July 13: Vasas FC – Zalaegerszeg TE FC
July 23: Soroksár SC (NB II) – Vasas FC
July 23: Vasas FC – Diósgyőr VTK (NB II)

KISVÁDA Preparatory Program
Beginning of preparation: June 14
training camp: Vorau (Austria), June 30 – July 9
Prep matches
June 25: Vasas FC – Kisvárda Master Good 2-2
(Camage, McCowsky)
2 July (Austria): Kisvárda Master Good – Hajduk Split (Croatian)
July 4 (Austria): Kisvárda Master Good – FC Universitatea Craoiva (Romanian)
5 July (Austria): Kisvárda Master Good – AEK Larnaca (Cyprus)
July 8 (Austria): Admira Wacker (2nd Austrian) – Kisvárda Master Good
July 14: Kisvárda Master Good – Diósgyőr VTK (NB II)