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Prepare the passport of everyone going to the UK

Writes that a passport valid from 1 October 2021 must enter the UK Telex Based on the Hungarian embassy page, it was recalled that there was an interim period until the British left the EU and accepted the identity cards.

Photo: NurPhoto via JAKUB PORZYCKI / AFP

From October 1, a person will only be accepted as a valid travel document from immigrant or pre-immigrant status in the UK.

Brexit brought not only the passport application, but a little Panic shopping Also, this has led to a reduction in petrol at most UK service stations. People began to panic as the shortage of lorries caused problems in the fuel supply. Because of what happened to the military Were put on hold. After the UK left the European Union, many European drivers decided to return to their homeland or work elsewhere, but not only Brexit, but the epidemic prompted large numbers of foreign workers to return to the country. Due to the latter, truck shortages also developed in Germany and Poland.

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