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Prim News – Dell takes collaboration and visual experience to the next level

Dell Technologies has unveiled the new XPS 13 Plus, the company’s most powerful device to date. XPS 13 Plus is the first XPS 13 laptop designed with 12th generation Intel Core 28W processors. The model is larger than its predecessor and has 55 percent better airflow fans. However, noise emissions did not increase.

ready to go

The device can be used without interruption for a long time thanks to modern battery technology. Express Charge 2.0 also charges your laptop to about 80 percent in less than an hour, so users can quickly recharge while on the go. However, the model is very light and very thin, which provides more performance, but its weight has not increased.

Uninterrupted experience and clean design

The design of the XPS 13 Plus is simple and modern. The stylish keyboard, keyboard, touchpad, and palm rest offers a stylish and creative look with easy-to-touch, curved, ergonomic edges. No unnecessary surfaces, modern edge-to-edge facades simplify the design and result in a clean, consistent exterior.

The grid-free keyboard ensures comfortable, smooth and efficient operation every time you type. Using the top row is even easier thanks to the new touch control, which allows you to easily switch between the media console and function keys. Moreover, the traditional touchpad has been replaced by a touchpad with a glass face that provides tactile feedback upon touch.

XPS 13 Plus is available in light (platinum) and dark (graphite) colors.

Special scene and sound

For the new XPS 13 Plus laptop, both visuals and sound have been improved. Four-sided InfinityEdge displays continue to deliver a virtually borderless visual experience, and the number of layers on the screen has improved image sharpness and reduced product weight. With an improved four-speaker design, it delivers higher volume and a wide range of dynamics. Two upside-down speakers are hidden beneath the keyboard, and the frame houses the woofers that face down for optimal sound for music, movies, and conference calls.

conscious manufacturing and packaging

This is the first XPS to be manufactured using renewable hydropower, significantly reducing aluminum’s carbon footprint. Since this laptop is 100 percent recyclable, the Dell goals for 2030 They will be properly reusable for new computers.

A conscientious and simple approach extends beyond design to the manufacturing and packaging process. The company has developed a simpler and more efficient manufacturing process keeping in mind its long-standing commitment to the environment. By omitting a few steps and using fewer coatings and materials, while taking the materials used to a higher level, he reduced the amount of manufacturing waste generated and his overall carbon footprint. Brand new packaging materials made from 100 percent sustainable or renewable materials, with paper documentation to aid recycling.

Collaboration and visual experience

Dell Technologies also places great emphasis on developing ecosystems around computers. The new Dell UltraSharp 32 4K Video Conferencing Monitor wins an award CES Innovation Award. the UltraSharp . webcamWith dual-beam echo-canceling microphones and 14W tweeters, this monitor delivers the best possible collaboration and visual experience, almost creating a sense of true presence.

The new Dell UltraSharp 32 4K Monitor is the first in its class to feature an IPS Black panel. ** With an IPS Black panel and VESA DisplayHDR 400 technology, the screen allows you to view content in more detail, ComfortView Plus reduces harmful blue light emission, and maintains color accuracy.

The product is also ideal for video conferencing. The new UltraSharp software is certified by Microsoft Teams and features improvements for privacy and efficiency. Using the form, the user can easily turn the mute on and off, enable/disable the camera with SafeShutter, and quickly log in and out.

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The new screen is in platinum silver and features a sophisticated design that complements home and office spaces. Its appearance has been kept clear so that it can hide all visible clutter without compromising functionality. Numerous ports and connectivity options allow the monitor to become the center of the action.


The XPS 13 Plus running Windows 11 and the UltraSharp 32 4K video conferencing monitor (U3223QZ) is expected to be available in Hungary in the second quarter.


*Based on internal analysis conducted in December 2021.

**Based on internal Dell analysis prepared by the company in August 2021. Analysis looked at desktop monitors with built-in speaker, microphone, and webcam.