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Prince Harry and Princess Meghan were with the royal family at Friday prayers

For the first time in more than two years, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan were with other members of the royal family at a Thanksgiving party on Friday as part of the platinum jubilee celebrations. Writes and Sky News.

Originally, this 96-year-old second man would have attended. Queen Elizabeth, too, was finally forced to resign Thursday night after experiencing pain during Thursday’s program of a series of events to mark the 70th anniversary of her reign. On Thursday in London we watched the grand opening of the festive series, here you can read our report >>>

Harry arrived in front of the cathedral in front of Prince William and Princess Catherine, followed by Prince Charles and Princess Camilla. The heir to the throne is like the ruler this time.

Harry and I traveled to England from their home in California on Wednesday with their children. They were also there for the military parade on Thursday, but they did not stand there on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with members of the royal family.

In early 2020, it was announced that they would separate from the British royal family and move to America. They believed they needed to separate from the family because the press, and in part the family, were hostile to Meghan Markle, and Harry was suspicious of racism. Despite the tensions, their relationship with the royal family did not break completely, and in mid-April 2022, 2. Elizabeth was also visited.

The four-day series of events, running from Thursday to Sunday, culminates in the second. Events celebrating the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth’s accession across the UK. secondly. Elizabeth’s life and rule through generations and the events that completely changed the world are reviewed here in pictures.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also read from the Bible at St Paul’s Cathedral. However, instead of the Archbishop of Canterbury, only the Archbishop of York was present, with the former having tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week.

Boris Johnson arrived at the cathedral with his wife Carrie, when they got out of the car, and a crowd was waiting for them nearby. Several blew out loud. Johnson wasn’t embarrassed by this, he just smiled on the stairs.

Boris Johnson said this week that he was “very, very surprised” when he was fined for participating in a Downing Street party during the pandemic lockdown. Here we have written about the findings of the so-called Sue Gray Report, which was designed to investigate what happened in the British Prime Minister’s office and other government institutions during the coronavirus pandemic.