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Prince Harry has once again managed to irritate everyone

It was still in March this year that Harry Herceg Try yourself in a new position and be the CEO of the mental health and coaching app BetterUp. And Prince finally started the job, giving an interview to a magazine called Fast Company. And in conversation, he also shared a divisive idea.

Harry said he fully supports making someone leave a job that is not good for their health. “A lot of people in the world are stuck in a job that does not bring them happiness, but would rather quit and put their mental health and happiness first. And that is something to celebrate.”

Reading this, you might think the Prince said a lot of meaningful things and not see what’s wrong with that. But on social media, several people have spoken out about it and mentioned that Harry doesn’t really see the forest from the tree. It is believed that as a prince with fortunes worth millions of dollars, it is easy for him to just get up and leave the job, but most people can’t really put his mental health before the toxic job.

“Prince Harry says it feels liberating to quit your workplace where you are unhappy. It obviously helps a lot if you also have a 20 million contract with Netflix and live in 15 million villas.” Someone wrote on Twitter and had a great deal of agreement with him. However, there were those who preferred to defend Harry’s position: “Prince Harry is a real treasure for a mental health cause – yes, there are relationships, including work, that undermine anyone’s mental health, and escaping from there should be a viable option.”

Source: Cosmopolitan UK

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