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Prince Harry has taken an important step towards the royal family

It’s been a long time Prince Harry And the Meghan Markle Not only in terms of occupation but also geographically they separated from the royal family. They’ve lived across the ocean for years and never returned to England as a family, in fact: they’ve stated emphatically that they never planned to live in the country again. Still, Harry still trying to improve in his relationship with his family; BLACK Visited the house several times Already and recently striving for itfor Megan and with her children We are also back in the UK. His relationship with the royal family has now been confirmed with a single gesture and indicated how important it is to him.

What happened is that Harry renewed his lease that will soon expire to their former English home, Frogmore Cottage Concerning. This is very important because it allows the prince to remain one of Queen Elizabeth’s four state advisors. What he does is he expects them to take over at the Queen’s request if she is temporarily ill. This is the job of the State Counselors, who are currently Prince Charles, William, Harry and Andrew (the latter They are also deprived of this position), provided that members have an English address.

Come to the ruler these days Tested positive for CovidThis doesn’t mean that Harry or the others should take action, as Elizabeth can easily do. It can perform your small tasks. However, with the lease renewal, Harry’s message couldn’t be more clear: He’s available to his grandmother at any time and sticks to the royal family.

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source: Cosmopolitan United States

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