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Prince Harry humiliates Duchess Catherine’s family

Prince Harry humiliates Duchess Catherine’s family

It seems that Duchess Catherine is Prince Harry’s worst enemy.

Until now, everyone believed that the main conflict was between Princess Catherine and Meghan Markle. But now it turns out to Prince Harry He has serious problems with his sister-in-law and his family.

He blames Princess Catalin for everything

The relationship between Princess Catalin and Prince Harry deteriorated very badly, and the reasons for this were the royal children. Prince Harry felt that when Prince William’s children were born, he was simply marginalized, and the relationship between the two brothers began to deteriorate.

Prince Harry often complained that when his brother became a father, he simply felt less important in the family, and Prince William paid little attention to him. And for this, he blamed Duchess Catalin, because, according to him, Prince Wilmos put his wife’s entire family before him.

His family is not good enough for him

Prince Harry felt the situation became untenable when Princess Sarolta was born. Because then they were permanently separated from each other, and the Middleton family was more important to Prince William than the royal family.

There have been several occasions in which Prince Harry has been very critical of Duchess Catherine’s family, who in his opinion are too rustic, so he finds no common ground with them. And if she’s a little too simple for the glamor that comes with the royal family, there’s a chance Prince Harry might think the same about Princess Catherine herself.