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Prince Harry’s friends are angry: He’s been threatened with a book of scandals – World Star

Last week, we reported that Prince Harry will publish his memoirs in 2022, which experts say will cause a major scandal similar to this year’s Oprah interview, which he gave with Meghan, and his confessions released in May.

His loved ones were understandably upset by the news of this, as his relationship with Vilmus and Karolyi had deteriorated badly in recent years. Not by the way, exactly in 2022, the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth will be celebrated, and they fear that Harry’s book will steal the spotlight. He wrote that in addition to his family, his friends broke into the prince daily mail.

Prince Harry has been threatened by his friends

Prince Harry made many friends at Eton College when he was still in school, and during his years in the army he became close to many. Remarkably, journalists, of course, visited those close to the prince several times, but most of them refused to comment, and whoever did this immediately cut off contact with them. However, due to the release of his book next year, there may be more old friends telling their own version, and the page shuddered citing a source.

Prince Harry’s colleagues are also concerned about the scandal book.

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“I find it hypocritical that Harry was expelled from his circle of friends who spoke to the press.” He is afraid to reveal details of his condescending youth that might worry his old friends as well. The informant said this also jeopardizes the jobs and privacy of others.

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Many of his friends had promised the prince that they would never speak to any journalist, but if the scandalous stone sheds light on any of them, he would have to expect revenge in return, essentially threatening the prince.


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“If Harry misrepresents any of his old school or military friends in his new book, in that case they have vowed to tell their story.

His four-book memoir is A كتب It is published by Penguin Random House, and interestingly enough, Princess Meghan’s children’s book, The Bench, is also published by this publisher. Like Prince Harry, it was Diana who stirred up the backwater with her statements in the 1990s, and her most famous autobiography was written by journalist Andre Morton. Diana: A true story – it was titled “In My Own Words”, then a documentary was made on it titled Diana: In My Own Words.

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