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Prince Philip, the “cheeky adventurer” with his own sense of humor, is buried today

“I open this thing with this – whatever it is.”
(Prince of the Philippines at the grand opening in Canada in 1969)

He has visited Hungary many times

Second. Queen Elizabeth’s husband visited Hungary several times, usually due to various equestrian events. His visit to Kecskemét in 1978 ended in a minor accident: he competed in the all-wheel drive World Championship when his car suddenly capsized. Hungarian journalist Miklos Salinki rushed to his aid, but fortunately the prince did not face any serious problems. A few years later, in 1993, with his second wife. Elizabeth returned to our country with the British Queen.

The official visit of the British royal couple to Hungary on May 4, 1993, when they also visited the Great PlainSource: PA Images via Getty Images / PA Images / Martin Keene

You might not have been here long ago because you don’t have a beer belly yetI drew attention to a prince who became famous for his humor in a British tourist while visiting Budapest.

The royal couple also visited Bogac on the four-day trip, during which Prince Philip was visibly impressed by the great Hungarian plain and watched the pony show with mixed admiration.

The royal couple also appeared in Bogacon in 1993Source: PA Images via Getty Images / PA Images / Martin Keene

The royal couple also visited several rural towns.

The Queen’s father did not approve of their marriage

Young Princess Elizabeth was only 13 years old when she first met the 18-year-old Filipino. Elizabeth became heir to the throne three years ago. He was joined by his parents and sister, Princess Margaret, who visited the Naval College in Dartmouth in 1939.

While Elizabeth acted with restraint and shame, she was influenced by Philip’s style and attitude.

Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth announced their engagement on July 9, 1947Source: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

The two young men had met as friends for many years, while Elizabeth found the man, who served in the Royal Navy during World War II, more attractive and intelligent. Their romantic relationship did not end until later, followed by a year of engagement – official -. The two young men married on November 20, 1947. The royal marriage also called for national unity after the devastating war. Princess Elizabeth made a vow at Westminster Abbey on the day of their marriage:She had always promised to obey her husband, even though she knew that was technically impossible because she was the Queen.

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip on their wedding November 20, 1947Source: Getty Images

Although Philip, baptized according to the Orthodox rites, converted to the Anglican religion and received many honors for his services during World War II, the princess’s father, the sixth. King George strongly opposed the marriage.

As he once said, there was just something about the shy guy that bothered him.

His daughter’s future has been described by many unattractive qualities: “not a gentleman,” “a shaky character,” or “an adventurer.” He didn’t consider it the right choice for a royal princess.

The Queen, Princess Anne, Prince of Edinburgh and Prince Charles, 1951Source: Getty Images

Philip was considered by palace entourage, aristocratic friends, and relatives of the royal family a “disrespectful foreigner,” and many called him a “German.”

Secretly evacuated from Corfu island

Actually, the second later. Philip, better known as Elizabeth’s husband, had neither a normal nor a pure childhood. He was born on the island of Corfu in 1921, eight years after the assassination of his grandfather, King George I of Greece. As the only and youngest son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg, difficult years awaited him when the Greek monarchy was overthrown.

Prince Philip with his mother and father, circa 1925Source: Getty Images

Barely a year and a half old Philip and his family were forced to flee the country, which the British royal family helped them. Presumably, Prince Andrew’s cousin George V decided to offer support because five years earlier, during the Russian Revolution, he had failed to save another cousin, the second. Tsar Nicholas.

Child made a secret cruise across the Adriatic Sea to Italy in a converted old orange box.

Philip spent his childhood hopping among many European relatives until the family eventually settled in the suburbs of Paris. The young prince suffered a severe blow in 1930 when his beloved mother fell mentally ill and was soon admitted to the sanatorium. The family completely collapsed when his father settled in the south of France and then his sisters also left after marrying two German princes.

Princess Alice with Philip in 1924Source: PA Media

A young Filipino spent his childhood in boarding schools in England, Germany and Scotland. In England, his maternal grandmother and uncle Lord Mountbatten took him under his wings. Philip took the British name Mountbatten and then gave up his Greek and Danish princely titles.

Honored many times as a war hero

Prince Philip had already served in the British Royal Navy at the age of 18 as a marine squadron. His name was mentioned in several British war reports on World War II. Its first deployment was aboard HMS Ramillies, a member of the Mediterranean Fleet, in 1940.

The following year, HMS Valiant participated in the Battle of Crete, serving on the battle ship, and was awarded the Order of the Greek Knight.

Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten works in the British Royal Navy offices in 1947Source: Getty Images

Early in July 1943, he was serving as a lieutenant and second commander aboard the destroyer HMS Wallace when a German bombing attacked the crew one night. The quick-thinking Philippines threw a wooden raft into the water, with burning debris on board, which proved sufficient to distract the Luftwaffe captain, while the battleship managed to escape unnoticed.
Prince Philip saved our lives that night Harry Hargreaves, a former crew member, told The Observer in 2003. He was always extremely brave and resourceful and thought very fast.

The Queen and the Prince in 1963Source: Getty Images

He served in several warships in the Mediterranean, India and the Pacific. Philip was appointed Admiral of the Fleet in 1953, and also served as husband to Princess Elizabeth in the Navy, reaching the rank of captain of a warship. He wore a uniform proudly throughout his life, His sense of duty did not subside for a moment. On the 90th birthday of his wife, the Queen, Prince Philip was appointed Admiral of the United Kingdom.

He supported things close to him

Like his grandchildren, Prince William and Harry, Philip has often loved his passion for flying. Second. Elizabeth’s husband became a pilot for the Royal Air Force in 1953, and a helicopter pilot in 1956, and in 1959 she also obtained a commercial civilian pilot license. According to the royal website, a total of 5,986 hours flew. He made his last voyage on August 11, 1997, which led to the Scottish Island of Islay.

Polite Conversation, 2: Queen Elizabeth of Britain and her husband Prince Philip are talkingSource: AFP / Getty Images / Chris Jackson

Philip was the first member of the royal family to take off by helicopter from the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

He often spent his time cuddling things close to his heart, including sports, education and conservation. He ran, rode polo, rode polo, and drove races, but sometimes I like to draw while doing it He served as President of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) for fifteen years.

The Prince of Edinburgh and the Queen at the 2014 Braimar Rally GamesSource: REX Features

Prince Philip established the Edinburgh Duke Prize in 1956, which has since helped young people prepare for community service in countries around the world.

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