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Prince William replaced Queen Elizabeth

Prince William began work after the holiday, and was immediately assigned a serious task. She writes that she took on the duties of Queen Elizabeth and held an inauguration at Windsor Castle

During the inauguration ceremonies, a centuries-old tradition, members of the royal family present medals to the winners. Prince William looked great in his military uniform, as he handed out trophies to many citizens who were recognized for their achievements and service, including in many sports.

Prince William, 39, even wielded his sword when awarding a knighthood to Clive Lloyd, who was a resounding success with the West Indies cricket team.

Other awards include England cricketer Ewen Morgan, former rugby player Kevin Seinfeld, Women’s World Snooker Champion Ryan Evans, former jockey Ron Atkins, and fitness instructor Derek Evans (also known as Mr. Motivator).

The gist of the ceremony is also to show Prince William the role of the future Prince of Wales and future ruler.


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