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Princess Catherine stole the show in a blue dress at the royal family party: the dignity was so dazzling – world star

Princess Catherine Prince William was also solemn at the annual Knee Ribbon Gala, which was held at Windsor Castle on Monday afternoon. The heir to the throne wife was beaten with a blue overcoat.

Princess Catherine attended the royal family event in a blue coat

The Knee Ribbon Order is Britain’s third most prestigious award after the First Victoria Cross and George’s Cross. Third. The Order was established by King Edward of England in 1348. The congregation’s annual festive gathering was held on 13 June at Windsor Castle. Two new members were introduced to the event yesterday, one being Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister, and the other, Valerie Amos, He was a former minister and diplomat.

The ceremony was attended by several members of the royal family, and Prince William has been a Knight of the Order since 2008, so he and his wife had to attend the ceremony. Princess Catherine stole the show in creating her favorite clothing brand, the princess looked gorgeous, but at the event were Count Edward of Wessex and his wife, Countess Sophia of Wessex, who also painted very elegantly.

In our collection you can see how elegant Princess Catherine was yesterday afternoon.

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