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Princess Leia’s daughter returns to Star Wars

In the world of stars, we have met father and son like Kirk, Michael Douglas, Martin, Charlie Sheen or Donald and Kiefer Sutherland in the past, but there are also young, budding actresses who will follow in their father’s footsteps. Or the mother to conquer Hollywood. We present two talents who are not yet 30 years old and sure to know one of their parents.

Yves Hewson

Source: AFP / Getty Images / Rich Polk

This year’s most twisted mini-series by far, The Mystic Behind her eyes-t (Do not believe your eyes!) Recommended here, But in addition to the story, it was also interesting because one of the main roles was played by the daughter of the U2 star, Bono. Hewsont, 29, was last year starsWe’ve also seen her starring alongside Eva Green, but really surgeonHe also played for a longer period during 2018 Robin HoodKamaryan appeared.

Maya Hawke

Forrás: NurPhoto via AFP / Matteo Chinellato / NurPhoto / Matteo Chinellato

The daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman was one of the newest casts on Weird things Which, according to his famous father, was reason enough for the world to know the girl’s name – even if in his earlier works, like make mistake In his adaptation of the BBC, viewers did not notice him. Maya since then There was Hollywood onceShe also got a smaller role in the singer, but not the last: her debut album, A. Blush He appeared last year.

Billy Lord

Source: AFP / Jason Merritt

Debbie Reynolds’ daughter, Carrie Fisher, has had a pretty career – she wouldn’t have known her as Princess Leia – but in the meantime, her daughter has appeared in two productions, including three star WarsIn the movie. 2015 Star Wars: The Awakening ForceHe’s been playing Lieutenant Connex in his favorite story since then, while we’ve seen him in the series even longer The Screams of Queens: A Fatal Story Or that American horror story.

Margaret Quayle

Source: Freeman Film

This year will come with maid Mini series, but already Those who are left behindIn and Voss / VerdonShe also played a major role in – For the latter, she was also nominated for an Emmy Award among the Best Supporting Actresses. Since 2013, he has starred in over twenty movies and series, such as Ordinary menIn or prof There was Hollywood onceHe also appeared in a trained dancer anyway. All that’s worth knowing about her is that her mom is none other than Andy McDowell.

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