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Body Selfie He did not regret anything from the past 40 years, he needed experiences and a slap in the face of fate to be able to speak for himself today: He has grown a lot, happy, honest, and lives a full life. The previous model and surfers a Story Magazine In a given interview He first spoke about the diagnosis of a terminal illness at the age of 28.

Body Selfie abandoned the surfer’s lifestyle a year ago and instead cultivated it in his botanical garden (Photo: Press Club)

The doctor said I have half a year, up to 9 months left. (…) I went to Börzsöny to a small house in the woods with my mom. I thought that in a quiet place, if I focused on myself, I had a chance to recover. “ He said VIP chefAlso listed on Bódi SylviWho drastically changed his life and didn’t comment on his relationships anymore.

“Why? I wasn’t portrayed positively anyway. (…) I had valuable relationships, I love 40 years, but after my illness, I haven’t brought it into the world, and neither will I. Even if I have a relationship now, I just know. And I will be the celebrity who will give birth to a secret child. “ Advertise.

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