The change will take effect next spring. Customers can register for the new service now.

OTP Bank will launch the SmartBank app for individuals on March 1, 2022, and will be replaced by the new mobile banking service, it was announced Monday. The new OTP Bank mobile application, along with the new Internet Bank, has been available to the entire retail customer base since August last year.

According to OTP, the number of regular users of mobile banking has doubled in the past year and a half, and the number of downloaders now exceeds 1.5 million. Therefore, the bank has accelerated the development of the new mobile banking application. Thanks to this, all the functionality currently available in the retail SmartBank will be available in the new OTP Mobilbank application, which is expected next spring. All this will allow the credit institution to launch SmartBank service for individuals from March 1 next year, and its customers will only use the new mobile application, they said in a statement on Monday.

After SmartBank Retail is phased out, retail bank customers will still be able to access the app, but only the new Internetbank and Mobilbank specific registration will be available to them within the app, ensuring easy access to all users. The new mobile app.

Customers who already want to register for the new digital services can start their registration from the “old” apps – SmartBank or online OTPdirekt – or from the OTP Bank website or by downloading the new mobile banking app from the App Store or Google Play . Once downloaded, customers can create a new digital user account with a few simple steps of signing a digital services agreement. You can then try out the new online banking and mobile banking features.

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