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Prophet Bennett holds the key to the kingdom of Bibi

Without Naphtali Bennett And his Jamina Party Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not have enough orders to form a coalition. Volume of BP and his dedicated supporters (Likud, Shaws, United Dora Judaism And Religious Zionism) Has about 52 seats. The 56 seats on the other side of the faction (not yet finalized) have all vowed not to sit in the Netanyahu government. That leaves only Bennett and the remaining seven seats.

Anything he wants in the next administration (except the Prime Minister) is a recipe for Bennett. Played right, it was an opportunity for Bennett and co-party leaders Ailet shook her headTo further improve their political position and set the course for the office of the future Prime Minister.

Before the election, Bennett wisely refused to join the “no-bb” or “yes-bb” camp, so there is no doubt that the opposition will approach him. But even though they have about 56 seats on the side of the “PP Moat”, these parties will not sit in multiple alliances. He will also become the leader of the opposition with Bennett Yer Lapid Thus lagging behind the majority. But they will definitely try.

So what can we expect?

Well, Passover is in a corner, so everything will be suspended for a few days. Let’s get into a phase of intense negotiations that could take several weeks.

But unanimously, we expect Bennett to ask the Department of Defense or the Department of State and the Department of Justice for Shake.

Bennett previously served as Secretary of Defense and often commented during the campaign on how he would do things differently from the current outgoing administration if he returned to that position. He is also a talented foreign minister as he is a good speaker and speaks English fluently.

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Sheikh was a former attorney general, and his dislike of the latest Supreme Court political activity reflects Netanyahu’s mirror, so he has no intention of reinstating him.

Wherever they go, one can expect Naphtali Bennett and Aylet Sheikh to play an exaggerated role in Israel’s next government. Because without them there would be no government and we would all be voting again by the end of this year.