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Protest the certificate of protection in Italy

Thousands took to the streets of Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna and Naples. Demonstrators vowed to protest every Saturday until the so-called green card, which they believe is a disguised form of compulsory vaccination, is repealed.

The organizers of the movements indicated that they would take legal action against the Italian government’s extension of the state of emergency until the end of the year, which is the basis for several restrictions. The Romanian government decreed on Thursday that from September 1, all teachers and all students in higher education can enter educational institutions only with a green card and travel on long-distance buses, trains, ferries and flights. Teachers and students are given a five-day grace period to receive certification, after which they are either suspended or deemed unexplained missing.

Proof of protection requires a person to either have been vaccinated against the coronavirus (the first dose is sufficient for a two-dose vaccine), have recently tested negative for the virus, or have recovered from the disease for no more than six months.

In Italy, there are 128,187 deaths and 4,338,787 cases of coronavirus, according to the latest summary from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. In the past 24 hours, 6,599 new cases were registered and 24 died of the COVID-19 disease caused by the virus. At the height of the epidemic, at the end of 2020, this number was 40,902 and 993.

There are also demonstrations underway in France due to the restrictions:

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