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PS5 production is no longer profitable

This is what Sony expected, which confirmed that the mobile sector will play a larger role.

The PlayStation 5 has fallen at a decent pace since its release, with almost double the score compared to its competition, and they’ve managed to do so despite a global shortage of chips. Sony now predicts that production will soon be unprofitable, while also confirming that PS games will already be brought to its mobile devices.

Dedicated to Investors in a presentation We can read that the Japanese manufacturer is outlining the material development expected for the base model, which currently costs $499, at least in relation to series production of the console. It expects unprofitable production to cease as early as June, which would be a huge step forward, as it will be possible to achieve this fairly soon, in addition to the continued global inventory shortage mentioned above. It’s clear that the downward trajectory in cost will continue, with Slim and Pro versions popping up over time, although there’s no word yet on how to develop that percentage for a cheaper version without a Blu-ray drive.

The change of times is indicated by the fact that while in the year of the PS4 launch in 2013 48 percent of revenue still came from hardware sales (at least within Sony’s related business), this year it will only be 20 percent, or the remaining 80 percent The program (as well as a set of services and accessories) will be responsible. In terms of gaming, we also wrote about the expected launch of mobile transmission in April, and the manufacturer has now confirmed that it already More focus is given Then for the mobile and PC segment, that is, more games that were previously only available on console will be available on other platforms that are an explicit pull name. The list is said to include titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and Predator: Hunting Grounds, but the arrival of Uncharted 4 on PC seems likely as well. Over time, as more and more experience is gained in this field, additional games will be made available to those without a console, which could increase revenue.

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