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Pseudoscience examples can help you understand science

The in an interview Peter Kriko points out that in addition to social media and the coronavirus pandemic, the wave of populism that can be experienced in politics and in nearly every sphere of life has also contributed to the spread of pseudoscience.

“Populism, as in politics, in the case of a pandemic, asserts that it is not for the elite to say what is known whether or not to stay at home, whether to vaccinate or not. It is not for doctors, virologists and epidemiologists to decide, but for the sake of popular wisdom, tradition and common sense. sound or individual liberties.

Kriko points out.

According to the author of the social psychologist – although a lot of research shows that vaccination depends, for example, on education, place of residence and financial status – if one is interested in questioning certain scientific findings on an ideological basis, intelligence does not matter much.

“In America, for example, today we can see Democrats believe in science much more than Republicans, which was not the case two decades ago. The phenomenon affected vaccination: the main indicator of someone being vaccinated was not education, but whether they voted For Trump or not.

– Says.

Regarding the operation of science, Krekó draws attention to the importance of correct communication: that is, to know, for example, who funded the research. On the other hand, so as not to raise excessive expectations – the Covid vaccines, for example, were initially said to not get the virus from vaccines.

“Scientific findings can change, science is constantly correcting itself. It would be nice to see this not as a weakness but as a virtue. In Hungary, exaggeration of science is associated with low confidence and a low (and deteriorating) level of scientific knowledge, providing an ideal playing field for pseudoscience. Address this in the long term through the education system, including by “immunizing” students against pseudoscientific manipulation. Pseudoscience must be included in education as a means of disseminating scientific knowledge. Scientific science can also better explain the essence of real science, which can It leads to deeper knowledge and more experience.”

The expert points out.

Illustration: Vlad Chumbalov/Unsplash

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