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PUBG: PUBG continues in Battlegrounds

It hasn’t happened recently, but only now has the press chosen that Krafton has renamed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds so that it will continue its career as PUBG: Battlegrounds in the future.

a computer games I noticed that Krafton quietly renamed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, mostly called only PUBG, in July, so it will continue as PUBG: Battlegrounds in the future.

In some ways, the choice of name is unfortunate, as unpacking the shortcut makes PUBG: Battlegrounds the equivalent of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds, but of course this will be strange at first, as the creators will likely never use the title like that.

More importantly, from here, PUBG will become a comprehensive brand that includes new developments in the expanding world of PUBG, as confirmed by Krafton for PC Gamer: renaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the first step in that direction and will suggest that Battlegrounds is only one chapter of this world. Next up will be PUBG: New State, which will rethink the fun of classic battle royale with futuristic adornments, and let’s not forget about the western show as well.

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