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Puskas – Suzuki Cup: Bayern were beaten by Puskas academy!

The host Puskas Academy started the Puskas Championship – Suzuki Cup with a victory, and Gabor Sekele’s team beat German star Bayern Munich with two goals.

Puskas academy created several big situations against Bayern Munich – here the guests were saved by Norbert Kiss (Photo: Attila Turok)


When the Brazilian Flamengo beat Puskas Academy in the Suzuki-Puskas Cup Final on June 10, 2019, no one would have guessed that the next tournament would not take place until two years from now. At that time, there was no trace of the coronavirus epidemic that quickly changed the world, radically, people’s lives.

aimless goal
Two years ago, Budapest Honved and CR Flamingo met on the set. The old Kispest team was accompanied by many of the club’s young footballers, encouraging those on the field with drumming and singing. The youth of the Flamengo exemplifies the loose Brazilian style, as evidenced by the bouncy, lyrical clinging introduced before heading out onto the field. By the way, Honved won the match two years ago for three or two years, but in the end he was only fifth, but Flamengo could return to his homeland as the winner of the championship. On Monday, Honved was a full opponent of the defending champion, not undeservingly scoring points in the tournament’s opening game.

One of Europe’s biggest U17 tournaments was missed in 2020, moreover, in 2021, Greek Panathinaikos slipped from the start almost at the last minute due to coronavirus disease – he was replaced by the Felcsút brothers, NK Osijek. In the Puskas Suzuki Cup, Laszlo Kleinheisler and Roland Sly also showed themselves among the current team members, five of the two-year-old home team players have already presented themselves in NB I: Martin Auerbach, Gabor Sebos, Laszlo Weisler, Jergo Uminger and Komáromi György already earned On the off chance that head coach Zsolt Hornyák – this is not a bad percentage.

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Incidentally, Bayern Munich also met Puskas’ academy on the first day of play in 2019 and beat them smoothly to three or zero. It was no surprise now that former Turkish footballer Halil Altintop, who spent a decade and a half in the Bundesliga, was trailed by two goals by the German side in the seventh minute, but Zsumbur Gruber missed out on both options. In the 24th minute, Roland Panay headed the ball almost from the goal line, then Farkas Bendejos was saved by the crossbar.

Viktor Orban, founder of the PFLA, Prime Minister of Hungary and Director of the Dezső Liszkai Academy also decorated a statue of Ferenc Puskas at the 14th PSK Opening Ceremony (Photo:

With the second half approaching, Puskas Academy took the lead after a free kick Leventy Papus Insert the ball into the goal. Bayern Munich, the tournament’s second youngest player, the 14-year-old Sadat spoiler, was involved in the dubious lawsuit, but it was not because Puskas’ academy won, nor because Gruber Zsumbur Double your advantage by . He was simply better than his famous opponent. 2-0

“We can play football with a very dangerous opponent, and we don’t play such a high intensity match here at home – Said one of the best in Hungary, Gruber Zsumbor.We tried to attack early in the game, we had four big situations in the first half of the game, and it was baffling that we didn’t sell any of them. The goals have already come after the break, I am happy with the win, and this success can give a huge boost to the resumption.”

About the opening report shows that Viktor Orban, founder of the PFLA, Prime Minister of Hungary, in his opening speech at the opening of the Puskas-Suzuki Cup, Ferenc Puskas called the champion of the new beginning, who teaches us that if we believe in God and our abilities, it is up to us to overcome them. He thanked the participating teams for attending the tournament despite the changing epidemiological conditions in each country. He believes that one thing does not change, or we are all here fans of this game. On the other hand, this sport comes with a lot of compromises that may not pay off, but it requires players to believe in themselves because then they will win.
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Puschkos – Suzuki Cup, first round
the group
Venice Academy – Bayern Munich 2-0 (0-0)

hard Pancho Arena, 843 view. led:Sándor Andó-Szabó (Péter Garai, Norbert Bornemissza)
Venice Academy:Pécsi – Koch, Farkas B. (Vajda R., 60 + 2.), Babós, Bányai – Kiss N., Kocsis D. – Szabó V. (Demolition, 38.), Bakti (Perfetto, 52.), Kicsun ( Major M., 60 + 2.) – Gruber (Sárközi, 60 + 2.). Coach: Gabor Sekele
Bayern Munich: Balis – Manoba, Scholl, Ymir, Polak (Kuachi, 57) – Sen Alemu (Chaplas, during the break), Yildiz, Dizel (walk, during the break) – Schulzi (Kalanak, 48), Demirkan (Sadat, 48 .). Coach: my alexander
Gulzerzo: Babos (1–0 A 46., Gruber (2-0 ) in 57 minutes
issued:Detailing 60 + 3. minutes
master balance sheet
Gabor Sekele:We played better football in the first half, but we didn’t score after that. After the turn, Bayern Munich sometimes beat us, but that’s what football looks like, by that time the goals had come. I am satisfied, I feel that we deserve to succeed.

In another group match
NK Usijek – Mercuria Ciuc 4-0 (2-0)

group status
1. Usagek 1 1 4-0 3
2. Venice Academy 1 1 2-0 3
3. Bayern Munich 1 1 0-2
4. Mercuria Seok 1 1 0-4

group b
Flamengo – Budapest 0-0

hardPuskas path, 400view
flamingo:Furtado dos Santos – Costa, Nogueira, Carbone – De Castro (Ferreira dos Santos, a szünetben) – De Alencar, Ramos (Limeira, 55.), De Oliveira – Carvalho, Da Silva (De Moraes, 48.), Souza . Coach:Leonardo Souza Ramos
BP. home protection:Schranko – Gincsai, T. Szabo, Bakery Products, Z. High Rollers (M. Laszlo, 57), Kocsis G. (morvai, 48), Cross (Polyak, 57) – Szucs T. Ulbert (Dennis, 41.), Krajksowicz.Coach:Mint Benzits
master balance sheet
Mint Benzits:
– Players gave extra performance. It’s a huge success for a team to come from the home of multiple world champions and we can play with them in Paris. We were organized, slipped and climbed when we didn’t have the ball, and tried to build and play football with possession. Both teams have had positions, such a partial success is important for UNFEED and Hungarian football.

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Tuesday 27 July
Budapest Honved – Sporting, 14.00
Flamingo Genk 15.45
Puskas Academy – Miercurea Ciuc, 5.30 pm
Wednesday 28th July
Flamingo – Sporting, 14.00
Budapest Honved – Genk, 15.45
Bayern Munich – Osijek, 5:30 pm
Thursday 29th July
FC Bayern Munich – Mercuria 11.00.0000
Sporting – Genk 13.45.2007
Puskas Academy – Osijek 15.30.00
Friday 30 July
Seventh Place Match – 11.00
Fifth Place Match – 11.00
Bronze match

15.00 – Tv: Duna World
16.30 – TV: M4 Sport