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Putin: Russia is ready to help Africa

Putin: Russia is ready to help Africa

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently issued a statement regarding the canceled grain deal. Putin said Russia withdrew from the agreement because it had “become meaningless”. According to him, the Convention could in no way fulfill the original humanitarian purpose. However, you do not want to be in African countries In the event of a food crisis in the future, that is why Moscow is ready to replace the missing amount of grain.

Russia continues its unremitting efforts to deliver grain, food, fertilizer and other commodities to Africa

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According to the Russian president, the extension conditions imposed by the Russians were not taken into account, so there was no reason to extend the contract. The Kremlin has previously stated that terminating the agreement also means that cargo ships destined for Ukraine are considered potential targets in the future.

The African Union expressed regret at Moscow’s decision. It will be held in St. Petersburg this week The second Russian-African summit, where he believes that grain trade will be an important topic. After the cancellation of the grain deal, Russia attacked Ukraine’s most important grain export ports on several occasions.

Russia expects record grain production this year.

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